About Us

Hi, this is Courage the Bacon, the "Chief Executive Pupper", CEO version of dogs, and inspiration of this shop.

We are a small business, based in Italy, that operates exclusively online. Our story began in 2020 where my student human, me (a Jack Russell Terrier) and a sewing machine have teamed up to make our own line of handmade accessories for our four-pawed friends. "Wiggly Pup" was conceptualized on the idea of our "fur babies with a wagging tail" and it is basically meant to have fun and lots of spoiling! Born in the midst of the pandemic, our personal hope is to turn this hobby into a real job and of course, for each and everyone's furry adventure to be filled with lovely and inspiring memories together with the accessories that we make ❣️

Bandanas are our primary item of manufacture and through our continuous effort in materializing new ideas, we were also able to add other types of products, particularly, of essential purpose like collars and leads. Furthermore, we also have collaborative items from our fellow artisans worldwide, so that we could offer you an even more extensive catalog.

In the year 2021, we are blessed to reach certain milestones like being able to cater wholesale orders for interested retailers owning either/both an e-commerce and/or traditional stores. Platforms like Orderchamp and Faire started growing in the European zone and we are happy to have discovered them knowing that we could access more distribution channels. Now, our handmade creations are being sold not only through our website and partner online stores, but also to traditional shops in Europe.

Disclaimer: We do not consider ourselves to be "expert" in sewing, but everyday we learn and strive to improve our crafts: attaining only for the best quality possible and carefully choosing materials that are safe for our pets; even the printed designs of the fabrics we use are our own well-thought choice.

Our greatest achievement would be that for you to add our handmade creations to your pet's wardrobe and use them on a long-term basis. Thank you for believing in our dream. Come and walk beside us in our journey!

Wiggly Pup Bandana is also a member of the Puppy Post Community. They bring a selection of amazing independent brands like ours, with a belief on the "Power of the Pack". You can also check us out in Etsy!